Club Competitions – Rules (2016)

The LBC Committee has approved the following rules for the running of the Club Competitions.

Entrance to any of the club competitions implies acceptance of the rules.
There are 13 Club Competitions, all to be played on a knock-out basis. The rules for each competition are as follows.

Men and Ladies Senior Club Championships: 
4 bowl singles competition. No handicap, first to 21 shots.

Men’s Handicap Singles:
4 bowl singles competition . Players must start each game with the handicap allotted by the club at the beginning of the season. The lower handicapped player must obtain 21 shots to win and the higher handicapped player must get 21 shots plus the difference in handicaps.

Lady Captain Prize & Men’s 2 Bowl Singles:
2 bowl singles competition. No handicap, first to 21 shots.

Men and Ladies Junior Club Championships:
4 bowl singles competition, open to all players who are not registered on Division 1 teams. No handicap, first to 21 shots.
No player can win the Junior Cup more than once.

Mixed Singles:
4-bowl singles competition. The competition consists of 3 sets, each set played from scratch over 7 ends. The winner of each set will be the player with the most shots at the completion of the seventh end. A set will be won if at any point it becomes impossible for one player to draw or win the set given the number of ends remaining. The winner of the match being the best of 3 sets.

Men’s Handicap Pairs:
Pairs competition over 18 ends, including the final, each player using 4 bowls. As far as possible, partners will be drawn to combine high and low handicap players. A pair must play each game with the total of the two handicaps allocated by the Club with fractions included.

Format : Team (A)    Combined handicap = 11
Team (B) Combined handicap = 20
Difference = 9 Shots
Team (A) Are entitled to half the difference which = 4.5 shots.

Mixed Pairs: (Land Cup)
Mixed pairs competition played over 18 ends, including the final,each player using 4 bowls.

Ladies Pairs:
Pairs competition played over 18 ends, including the final, each player using 4 bowls

Pat MacDonagh Novice Plate:
4 bowl singles competition. No handicap, first to 21 shots. Eligible Lady Bowlers must be less than two years playing bowls.

A triples competition played over 18 ends including the final, each player using 2 bowls.



In all matters pertaining to Club Competitions, the decision of the LBC committee shall be final.

Games must be played by the due date. To avoid a player or team being scratched the competition secretary must be notified 48 hours before the due date if a walk-over is being conceded.

Closing dates for each round will take account of external bowls events. Please plan ahead to schedule your games.


Singles Competition – A player may be replaced if they have not yet played a match and the replacement has not entered the competition.

Pairs Competition – A player may be substituted by a member who has not entered or played in the competition. The original player may resume their place in succeeding rounds.

All substitutes and replacements must be authorized by the competition secretary before the match in question is played. A substitute in the men’s handicap pair’s competition will not be authorized unless they are of a similar handicap to the player being substituted.

The first or top-named player or team in a competition will be known as the Home Player or Team.

Whether or not there is one club match or more than one club match scheduled a draw for Rinks must be made.

Scheduled BLI and LBLI fixtures will always have preference of choice of rinks.

Each player or team will be responsible for arranging the fixture at a date and time suitable to both parties.

Arranged matches must be entered on the booking sheet located in the equipment area.

For singles matches the Home player will arrange for the presence of a marker for the match.

A coin will be tossed to decide who has the mat.

Members entering the Club Championships should be aware that the winner will be expected to make themselves available to represent the Club in the Champion of Champions Competition in the following season.

On completion of a match the winner must ensure the score card is signed by the opponent and placed in the score card box, located in the dressing rooms. The winning player or team should also enter the winning names on the competition score sheet.

All complaints, appeals or objections must be submitted in writing to the Club Secretary; verbal submissions will not be accepted.

Members are reminded that all competitions should be played in a spirit of friendliness and consideration for others, and normal bowling etiquette should always be observed.

An entry to any of the Club Competitions implies acceptance of the rules.

All entrants must be available for the Club Finals weekend.