Leagues. Competitions. Championships.

Mens Section

The men’s section currently compete in three BLI Leagues during the summer; Divisions 1, & 5 and the Veterans League 1. They also participate in the BLI club competitions and championships.

Ladies’ Section

The ladies section currently compete in four LBLI leagues during the summer; Divisions 1,3 & 4 and the Saturday League. They also participate in the LBLI Club competitions and championships.

Winter League

The Club provides a mixed team of men and women to participate in the Winter League. Members from other clubs who avail of Winter Membership at Leinster can play. Leinster first took part in the Winter League in 2005.

Indoor Bowls

Indoor bowls started in Leinster in the 1970’s when the Eastern Indoor Bowling Association was founded. The Club has a long tradition with the EIBA and many of our members have served on its committee.