Photo: Presidents: Peter McArdle (Leinster) & Willie O’Toole (Crumlin).


The Leinster/Crumlin Open Tournament was hosted this year at Leinster Bowling Club. The event which took place over 7 days concluded with the finals played on Sunday 11 August at Leinster. Much credit for the success of the event is due to the Tournament Controller, Robbie Meany and the tournament committees at both clubs who worked tirelessly to ensure its success. Unfortunately, Robbie had taken ill during the week and was unable to be present for the closing ceremony. We wish Robbie a speedy recovery from his illness. Committee member, Mary Kenny stood-in for Robbie and did an excellent job in assisting the two Presidents dispense prizes. Bowling throughout the week and especially in the semi-finals & finals was of a very high standard and a joy to watch.

At the prize giving ceremony, Mary welcomed those present and thanked all who participated in the tournament and helped make it a success. She thanked the tournament committees at both clubs, the markers and helpers. She thanked Crumlin, CYM & Kenilworth Bowling Clubs who made their greens available for the competition. Finally Mary thanked the sponsors, whose continuing support make the tournament possible.

A special thanks to Eileen Smyth who meticulously checked the score cards and updated the wall charts at Leinster throughout the Tournament and to Mary & Lar Kelly who did the catering.

The results are as follows:

Mens Singles: Winner: Andrew O’Keeffe, CYM. B.C.
–  –  –  –  –  – –  – Runner-up: Noel Maher, Crumlin B.C.

Ladies Singles: Winner: Marion Hoey, CYM. B.C.
–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  Runner-up: Jennifer Heade, Crumlin B.C.

Mens Pairs: Winners: Shane Leonard, CYM. B.C & Greg Mulhall, Dun Laoghaire B.C.
–  –  –  –  –  –  -Runners-up: Thomas Smyth & Peter McArdle, Leinster B.C.

Ladies Pairs: Winners: Rosie Brown & Jackie Connolly, Dun Laoghaire B.C.
– – – – –  –  –  –  Runners-up: Carmel Sheridan & Margaret Byrne, Crumlin B.C.

Mixed Pairs: Winners: Eamon & Amy Carruth, Crumlin B.C.
–  –  –  –  –  –  –  Runners-up. Mary Kenny & Thomas Smyth, Leinster B.C.

Ladies Bowler of the week, Marion Hoey, CYM. B.C.

Mens Bowler of the week, Andrew O’Keeffe, CYM. B.C.

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Noel Maher, Willie O’Toole, Andrew O’Keeffe.

T. Smyth, P. McArdle, G. Mulhall, S. Leonard. ————————–

Eamon & Amy Carruth, Mary Kenny & Thomas Smyth.

Mens Bowler of the week: Andrew O”Keeffe.


Marion Hoey, Annette Finn, Jennifer Heade.

Rosie Brown, Jackie Connolly, Carmel Sheridan, Margaret Byrne.

Tournament Controller: Robbie Meany & Committee member: Mary Kenny.

Ladies Bowler of the week: Marion Hoey


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