Main Photo: Paul Smyth Trophy.

The final for the Paul Smyth Trophy 2024 was held in Leinster Bowling Club on Sunday 23 March. The finalists were Marian Lynch (CYM) & Ray Moore (Leinster) v Michael Gaughran (Leinster) & Maeve Lavelle (CYM). Maeve and Michael got off to a flying start and were 9-1 up on the 6th. end. However when Ray and Marian got possession of the jack they quickly narrowed the deficit to 10-8 by the 9th. end. From there on it was anyones game and they went into the last end 13-12 in favour of Michael and Maeve. Michael and Maeve got a wood each nearest the jack to win the game by 3 points. The match was played in bright sunshine but it was a very cold day. Light refreshments were served in the Bar and President Annette Finn presented the runners-up prize to Marian and Ray and the Paul Smyth Trophy to Maeve and Michael. President Annette thanked Anne Fitzgerald the Competition Organiser for an excellent job well done.

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Marian Lynch (CYM) & Ray Moore (Leinster) v Maeve Lavelle (CYM) & Michael Gaughran (Leinster).

Maeve & Ray.

Last end (14) in progress. Maeve & Michael on top.

Last end, Michael delivers his last wood.

Marian congratulates Michael

Ray congratulates Michael.

Runners-up, Ray & Marian with President Annette Finn.

Marian & Michael.

A close scoreboard but who owns the two green woods?

Last end. Marian under pressure, one wood left.

Maeve & Michael’s two woods at the jack gives them victory.

Ray & Marian Runners-up.

Competition organiser, Anne Fitzgerald and President Annette Finn.

Winners of the Paul Smyth Trophy, Michael & Maeve with President Annette.

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