Club Competitions, Finals – 2016.

//Club Competitions, Finals – 2016.

Club Competitions, Finals – 2016.

Competition Controllers: Mary Kenny & Robbie Meany.

The finals of the Club Competitions were played over two weekend, Sunday 25th. September and Saturday 1st. October 2016. The weather was cool with the odd heavy shower but that did not deter the enthusiasm of the competitors. The Competition Controllers, Robbie Meany & Mary Kenny did a fine job in scheduling events over the two days to accommodate competitors in multiple competitions. A big “thank you” to Markers and all who helped at the event. The standard of bowling was excellent throughout with several matches drawn even going into the last end.
The Competition results ( in order of play) are as follows:

Mixed Singles: Winner, Anto Grey. R/u, Paul Smyth.

Ladies’ Pairs: Winners, Anne Fitzgerald & Alice McMullen. R’s/u, Annette Finn & Maura Donovan.

Ladies’ 2 Bowl: Winner, Mary Kenny. R/u, Margaret Hanrahan.

Men’s Senior Championship Singles: Winner, Thomas Smyth. R/u, Paul Smyth.

Ladies’ Senior Championship Singles: Winner, Pat MacDonagh. R/u, Anne O’Herlihy.

Mens Junior Singles: Winner, John McKeown. R/u, John McArdle.

Ladies’ Junior Singles: Winner, Frances McArdle.  R/u, Anne Fitzgerald.

Land Cup, Mixed Pairs: Winners, Anto Grey & Lorraine Doyle. R’s/u, Robbie Meany & Annette Finn.

Men’s 2 Bowl: Winner, Anto Grey. R/u, Noel Roche.

Men’s Handicap Singles: Winner, Paul Smyth. R/u, Ron Prince.

Triples: Winners, Paul Smyth, Mgt. Kelly, Mary Keating. R’s/u, Annette Finn, Eugene Fannon, Frances McArdle.

Men’s Handicap Pairs: Winners, Anto Grey & Ron Prince. R/u, Noel Roche & John McArdle.

Following the matches, Mary Kenny provided finger food in the Function Room and she & Robbie Meany presented prizes to the competitors. They thanked all who participated in the competitions and all those who helped in the events.

The Hon. Treasurer of the Bowling Committee, Annette Finn thanked Mary & Robbie on behalf of the Committee and made presentations to the two captains, Lorcan Finn & Pat MacDonagh and to the President, Eugene Fannon.

Eugene, never one to loose an opportunity to say a few words, reminded all present that the Winter League, Indoor Bowls and the Winter Social Bowling would commence shortly.


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Anto Grey & Paul Smyth.

Mixed Singles:  Anto Grey & Paul Smyth.———— ————————————————————–

Thomas, Tony Fitzpatrick (Marker) & Paul.

Mens Championship Singles:  Thomas Smyth, Tony Fitzpatrick (Marker) & Paul Smyth.

Players with Lorcan Finn (Marker)

Mens Junior Singles:  John McKeown, Lorcan Finn (Marker) & John McArdle.

Anto, Tony Fitzpatrick (Marker) & Noel.

Mens 2-Bowl:  Anto Grey, Tony Fitzpatrick (Marker) & Noel Roche.

Paul, Robbie Meany (Marker) & Ron.

Handicap Singles:  Paul Smyth, Robbie Meany (Marker) & Ron Prince.

John McArdle, Anto Grey, Ron Prince & Noel Roche.

Mens Handicap Pairs:  John McArdle, Anto Grey, Ron Prince & Noel Roche.

Anne Fitzgerald, Alice McMullen, Maura Donovan, Annette Finn.

Ladies Pairs:  Anne Fitzgerald, Alice McMullen, Maura Donovan, Annette Finn.

Margaret, Paul McArdle (Marker) & Mary.

Ladies 2-Bowl:  Margaret Hanrahan, Paul McArdle (Marker) & Mary Kenny.

Pat, Mary Kenny (Marker) & Anne.

Ladies Championship Singles:  Pat MacDonagh, Mary Kenny (Marker) & Anne O’Herlihy.

Frances, Arthur McMullen (Marker) & Anne.

Ladies Junior Singles:  Frances McArdle, Arthur McMullen (Marker) & Anne Fitzgerald.

Lorraine Doyle, Anto Grey, Annette Finn, Robbie Meany.

Land Cup, Mixed Pairs:  Lorraine Doyle, Anto Grey, Annette Finn, Robbie Meany.

Mary Keating, Mgt. Kelly, Paul Smyth, Frances McArdle, Eugene Fannon, Annette Finn.

Triples:  Mary Keating, Mgt. Kelly, Paul Smyth, Frances McArdle, Eugene Fannon, Annette Finn.


To see more photos of this event, click Club Competitions 2016.

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