Easter Buffet & Prizegiving 2016

//Easter Buffet & Prizegiving 2016

Easter Buffet & Prizegiving 2016

About 45 members participated in the Easter Competition which concluded on Wednesday 24 March with a Sweeps Competition that morning. The Winter Social Competitions which extend from October to March were run by Ron Prince assisted by Arthur McMullen, Pat MacDonagh & Tony Fitzpatrick. The Competitions were Rinks, Triples,  Easter Competition and Sweep. The results are as follows:

Wednesday Rinks: Winner – Michael Kavanagh,  2nd – Anto Grey,  3rd (joint) – Lorcan Finn & Maeve Hoey.

Friday Triples: Winner – Lorcan Finn,  2nd – Noel Cassidy,  3rd – Tony O’Brien.

Easter Competition:  Winner – Anto Grey,  2nd – Lorcan Finn,  3rd – Carmel Hourican.

Sweep: Winners – Dermot Whelan,  Marion Farrell,  Anto Grey.

Runners/up – Michael Kavanagh,  Nuala Whitney,  James Fitzpatrick.

A splendid buffet was provided in the Bar, courtesy of our lady members, Pat MacDonagh, Alice McMullen, Marie Fitzpatrick, Ann Fitzgerald, Margaret Kelly & Agnes Gillick.

Our President, Eugene Fannon assisted by Ron Prince & Pat MacDonagh presented prizes. Concluding the event, the President thanked all those who participated in the Winter Social Competitions especially the Winter Members from other clubs for their support. He wished them well and an enjoyable Summer Season at their own clubs and invited them to join us again for the Winter Membership 2016/17. Eugene thanked Ron Prince and his team for their time and their commitment in running these events.

Finally the President reminded the members of the following upcoming events at Leinster: Aoibheann’s Pink Tie Charity Event, Leinster Bowling Club Unfurling, Quiz Night and Sunday Rinks. (see News/Events for details)

Trips Winner. Lorcan Finn.

Trips Winner. Lorcan Finn (r) & President Eugene Fannon.

Trips. 2nd. Noel Cassidy

Trips. 2nd. Noel Cassidy.

Trips. 3rd. Tony O'Brien.

Trips. 3rd. Tony O’Brien.

Rinks. Winner, Michael Kavanagh

Rinks. Winner, Michael Kavanagh

Rinks. 3rd. (joint) Lorcan Finn.

Rinks. 3rd. (joint) Lorcan Finn.

Sweep Winners. Dermot Whelan, Marion Farrell, Anto Grey.

Sweep Winners. Dermot Whelan, Marion Farrell, Anto Grey.

Easter Competition. Winner. Anto Grey.

Easter Competition. Winner, Anto Grey. – – – – – – – –

 Easter Competition. 2nd. Lorcan Finn

Easter Competition. 2nd. Lorcan Finn.

Easter Competition. 3rd. Carmel Hourican.

Easter Competition. 3rd. Carmel Hourican.

Rinks, 2nd. Anto Grey.

Rinks, 2nd. Anto Grey

Rinks. 3rd. (joint) Marion Hoey.

Rinks. 3rd. (joint) Maeve Hoey.

Sweep Runners-up. Michael Kavanagh, Nuala Whitney, James Fitzpatrick.

Sweep Runners-up: Michael Kavanagh, Nuala Whitney, James Fitzpatrick.


To see more photos of this event, click Easter Buffet and Prizegiving-2016.



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